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Top 5 Inexpensive Room Makeovers

If you need an interior design makeover, but don’t have the time or money to do a complete redesign, try these easy and inexpensive DIY tips that give you big bang for your buck.

1. Fabric & Texture Interior designers know that fabric and texture is a great way to give a room added interest. You might be wondering what falls under the “fabric & texture” umbrella. Think drapes, throw pillows, bedding or a cozy throw blanket. But don’t make the common mistake of limiting your interior makeover to only color!

Texture is where you get your biggest impact. You’ll achieve a whole different level of design, if you add items that have a compelling touchable aspect. Consider adding a faux fur throw blanket or a beaded pillow for that extra wow factor.

2. Lighting

Contemporary Bronze Chandelier

This is an all-too-often overlooked DIY solution for a room makeover. As an interior designer and stager, it’s certainly one of my favorite ways to make a space feel fresh and new. Plus, it’s actually pretty easy to replace a boring flush mount fixture with a beautiful chandelier or drum pendent. Hit your local lighting store or shop my favorite online retailer for creative lighting. You might be surprised by how many affordable, designer-inspired lighting fixtures you can find. For a couple hundred dollars, a stylish light fixture can completely change the look of almost any living space.

Need some help picking the right light fixture to transform your room? Call Jodi Maturo Design at 303-378-1220 to ask about our remote consultation services, provided on-demand.

3. Gallery Wall

As you browse through magazines, you undoubtedly see amazing interiors with beautiful gallery walls. Why not try this in your own home? This is a fun and cost-effective way to give your room a whole new look. Keep in mind, gallery walls come in all shapes and sizes. You can make them fun and eclectic, mixing different frames, colors and sizes. Or you can choose a more upscale look, such as a wall of all B&W art in minimalist frames.

Take some time to explore your existing art and frames to see if you can find a few pieces to start your gallery collection. Make sure to include a mix of both horizontal and vertical pieces. Then lay it all out on the floor and play with it until you find the perfect arrangement. Once you have it just right, snap a quick photo on your phone that you can refer back to as you hang the pieces on the wall one by one.

4 Wall Color

Adding interest on you walls is one of the most powerful ways to implement a DIY room makeover. Whether you choose to paint the whole room or possibly use wallpaper on an accent wall, this single project can have a huge impact on your interior. And if your room has plenty of light, consider painting a bold color like slate gray or midnight blue for a more dramatic effect. In any case, my best advice is to always (yes, always) spend the extra few dollars to first purchase a paint sample. You can avoid a time-consuming mistake by painting a large 2-3 square foot area with your sample paint to make sure it’s exactly the color you want. Many times, you’ll end up deciding you need a shade darker or a shade lighter… or possibly a completely different color. Nothing’s worse than painting an entire room and feeling tied to it, even though it’s not quite what you envisioned. Need help picking the perfect color? Check out this article for no-fail advice on picking colors.

5. The Forgotten Floor

Why is the floor always the last place we think about? A floor update can make a room feel fresh and new, but it too can be done affordably. Adding a contemporary area rug will instantaneously make your room feel more current, while disguising the tired flooring underneath. Selecting an interesting pattern or color combination in your new area rug will add visual interest to the room, especially if the furniture in the room is in a neutral beige or grey. To select the right rug size for a living room, remember that at a minimum, the front legs of all your chairs and sofa need to sit on the rug.

I typically find that a 5x7 rug is too small for most living rooms, so chances are you'll need 8x10 in the common areas, such as the living room and dining room. However, bedrooms can often get by with a 5x7 size rug, unless you have a larger size master bedroom. I love to place an area rug off-centered under one side of the bed for a more interesting look. Whatever your plans, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache by measuring first!

Are you looking for interior design support in the Denver Metro area? Contact Jodi Maturo Design LLC to schedule a consultation. We are just a call or text away at 303-378-1220.

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