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Easiest Bookshelf Makeover Ever

Styled, Decorative Bookshelf

Is your bookshelf overflowing and needing a makeover? We have your plan...and it's easier than you think. Get Organized: I know. I know. This step is making you cringe, but its a necessary evil if your bookshelves have become a dumping ground for odds n' ends or loose papers. Even if your shelf is jammed packed with only books, you need to do some sorting. I find the best approach is to remove everything from the shelf, so you can start with a clean slate. Next, go through your books one by one to determine which books you want to keep on this shelf. If you truly want your bookshelf to be a beautiful focal point, remove all paperback books, binders and spiral bound booklets. Consider stacking these unsightly paper types in cute baskets or bins, placed on your bookshelves. This client choose adorable little carrying cases. Let yourself be creative!

Stack, Lean and Angle: Time to get creative! You can display your hardback books, both vertically and horizontally. Mixing it us will absolutely add more visual interest. When staking books horizontally, make sure to put the largest book on the bottom with the books getting smaller as you stack them. Likewise, when stacking books vertically, put the largest book on the shelf edge with the books descending in size as you move towards the middle. Don't be afraid to let some of the vertical books lean, rather than standing up straight. Finally, I find it looks much cleaner if you avoid filling an entire shelf with books all the way across. In you choose to do that, you'll end up with more of a library vibe. Instead, leave some empty space for touches of color and personality.

Pops of Personality: Your hard work has paid off, because things are about to get fun! This final step is where you get to personalize your bookshelf with your own distinct personality and style. To take it to the next level, you'll start to mix in some colorful accessories that gives the bookcase pops of color. Try using a fun accessory as a makeshift bookend or as a grounding element or "anchor" to top off a horizontal stack of books. I also like mixing in small canvases or even small framed art to add interest and color. The options are really limitless. Just have fun with it and experiment until you find something that feels right for you.


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