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3 Tips to Create the Perfect Bar Cart

There's something about walking into a home with a Bar Cart that screams sophistication. Maybe its because there's so many stunning bar cart designs these days, or maybe it just makes us feel like we've been transported to the old world of Hollywood Glam. Whatever it is that drives this hot trend, bar carts certainly have allure. If you're looking to add some extra style to your home or are simply lacking an entertainment space, here's 3 easy tips to ensure your bar cart will impress.

Gold Bar Cart

Tip #1 : Finding a great location for a bar cart is job one. Small spaces call for creative thinking, but it's not as hard as you might think. Start by considering non-traditional locations that aren't already being used. Why not utilize an empty corner of the room, the vacant space between two windows, or the end of a hallway? A bar cart can make an otherwise unused space feel special.

Tip #2: Once you've found the perfect location, you need to consider any size or shape constraints that might impact your bar cart selection. Pick a cart that not only fits your size constraints, but also fits your unique design style. Bar carts come in many shapes and sizes... and it seems that the choices are endless. Choose from acrylic, wood, or metals of all types, including that gorgeous gold finish that is currently on-trend. Best of all, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great bar cart. In fact, I've created a board showing some of my favorite bar carts that are both affordable and stylish. See them here on my Pinterest page.

Tip #3: Make sure to stock it with everything you might need to create the perfect cocktail. Of course that includes all your favorite alcohol and some mixers. Remember your guests won't necessarily always drink the same cocktails as you, so be sure to include a bottle of all the most common alcohols, including vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon, at a minimum. And if you want to serve martinis you'll need both dry and sweet vermouth. Note: Since bar carts have limited space, I suggest limiting yourself to one brand of each alcohol type. It's almost always better to offer your guests variety than to stock multiple brands.

A successful bar cart is as functional and convenient, as it is beautiful, so even the smallest of details should be considered. Of course, you want to have all the typical bar essentials readily available, including a cork screw, shaker, glassware and ideally, a small ice bucket. Make it easy for your guests by giving them access to everything they might need, so they don't need to ask or pilfer through your kitchen. Right before your guests arrive, fill the ice bucket and set out a small container with lemon & lime wedges. Add a few colorful cocktail napkins and you have the makings of a perfect self-service bar that will impress any guest.


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