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3 Reasons Not to Skip Staging when Selling a Home

Don't overlook these must-do staging tips!

1. In staging, we lead the eye exactly where we want, to highlight the property's best features... and it's equally important to distract the eye from the property's downfalls. Sorry folks, but almost every property has some flaws. A professional stager will develop a design plan that accentuates the best aspects of your home. Lets say the master bedroom is a bit small and you don't want that to be the first thing buyers notice. You might consider taking out your massive 4-post king bed and replacing it with a queen bed from a spare bedroom to make the master bedroom feel more spacious. We'll put together a staging plan that is customized to your specific property. I can't stress it enough -- make sure your home's best features get noticed and its flaws are minimized.

2. Buyers often start their search by looking at photos of your property online and in marketing, so you want your property to be picture perfect! I intentionally add vibrant colors and patterns through either art or accessories to stimulate the eye, producing more showings for your property. Tell me you don't notice the beautiful art above this sofa or the vibrant colors in the throw pillows. In this stage, I created a sophisticated mood that helps the buyer envision their life in this chic space. The mind is filled with dreams of entertaining guests & impressing friends. Now imagine this same space empty. Visually remove all the furniture and accessories in your mind's eye. That's where we started before the property was staged. The mood is much different when the room's vacant, right?

3. Whether you're a seller or a realtor, you want top dollar for your listing. Simply stated, staging helps produce stronger offers that come in more quickly than non-staged listings. Think of staging as an investment, with an ROI (Return on Investment) that comes in the form of selling your home at a higher price. Let's say, for instance, you invest $1,500 in staging (Denver residents can request a more specific staging quote by emailing If the staging results in an offer $10,000 higher than the comps in your area, that's a 567% return on your investment!


Jodi Maturo Design stages homes across the Denver metro area. Whether your property is vacant or still occupied, we can help you make it shine for buyers. To learn more about staging by Jodi Maturo Design or request a quote, call us at 303-378-1220.

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