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To Stage or Not to Stage?

At Jodi Maturo Design we hear this question a lot. How do you, as a seller, know whether it makes sense to stage your property? We’ve put together a few tried and true guidelines to help you determine the best path for you.

  1. Keeping it Clean: Let’s face it, day to day life leaves all of our homes with a bit of messiness. If your home is staged, you’ll want to keep it looking as beautiful as possible. But how? Our design consultants will show you exactly how to “hide” the bread crumbs of real life, so that your property is always show-ready. Follow our simple advice, and you can be prep your home before a showing in as little as 10-15 minutes. Want us to come by to explain our time-saving methods? Just email to set up an appointment.

  1. Vacant or Occupied: Many people presume that you only need to stage vacant properties, but Jodi Maturo Design actually stages occupied homes more often than vacant home. In fact, staging an occupied property is the most cost-effective staging option available. While there may be a few select furnishings that we need to bring in, we are often able to give your existing furnishings a fresh look by adding throw pillows, art and décor to your space. We can also overcome layout issues by re-positioning your furniture to open up the room and create an enhanced flow. In the span of one day, your home can go from blah, to looking like a model home.

  2. Asking Price: Sellers who are looking to get top dollar for their property should absolutely invest in staging. Homes that are not staged typically sell for either fair market value or less, compared to staged comps in the area. A design consultant from Jodi Maturo Design can walk through your property and quickly help you assess the pros and cons. It’s our job to look at your property objectively, through the eyes of a buyer, helping you see what they might perceive as a barrier to making an offer. And while your home might seem perfect to you, the reality is that almost every property has some design flaws. Sellers who can understand this are better prepared and will benefit most from staging. Once an assessment of your property is completed, we’ll propose the most cost-effective ways to overcome those obstacles. At Jodi Maturo Design, we have proven staging tricks to accentuate the positive features of your property, while simultaneously distracting the eye from any negatives.

If you live in the Denver area and are ready to meet with a design consultant, don’t wait another day to take action. Give us a call at 303-378-1220 for a free introductory phone consultation or text us to set up an appointment.

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