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A well staged home creates an environment with broad appeal, attracting a larger pool of buyers.

Jodi J Maturo

Preparing your home for sale can feel like a daunting task, but Jodi Maturo Design can help you get a grip on the process. We'll walk you through our home staging process step-by-step, helping you understand what to tackle first and how to put your energy where it matters most. Many clients are surprised to learn that our home stagers work together with you and your realtor to achieve the broadest appeal with buyers. Together with you and your realtor, we work as a team of experts to sell your property for top dollar.  


The first step is to have a professional stager preview the home and assess where changes need to be made. We view the home through the eyes of a buyer, helping to identify things that might deter someone from making an offer on your property. Then we'll put together a complete staging plan that is specific to your home, along with itemized staging costs by room. We work with both occupied & vacant homes, and can provide you with a quote that fits your specific staging needs. Check out our portfolio to see samples of home staging transformations!


Staging costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the property, the condition of the home, the age of the house, and whether it is furnished, partially furnished or vacant. Call us at 303-378-1220 to discuss your property. Once we understand some basic information about the home you wish to stage, we can offer some general guidance on your staging costs. Of course, the best way to give you an accurate quote for our staging services is to view your home in person, so we can also schedule an appointment to see your property first hand.


We recognize that not every seller is in a position to implement a full-scale home stage and that's okay too. If you have allocated a specific budget for staging, don't be afraid to share that information up front. We'll gladly let you know what we can accomplish within your budget and how to best allocate your dollar to get the most bang for your buck. 

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